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Last year, I took the Visual Communications class at Capital High School. I really enjoyed the class and the ability to gain skills like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver. I wanted to continue to develop my skills and learn more about the technological world this year, so I decided to take Generation Technology. I think this class was very beneficial because my knowledge of technology has greatly increased. There are three particular areas that I feel like I didn’t understand very well before I started taking GenTech that I now understand well. Those areas are computer networking, security, and equality of access.

Before this class, I knew almost nothing about computer networking. I didn’t know how computers interacted with each other or how computers communicated information. Now I know about all sizes of networks like PAN’s, LAN’s, and WAN’s , how they interact with each other through client and server computers, and how they communicate information wirelessly over large distances.

I also learned a huge amount about security this year. I previously knew that security was a problem in our world, but I didn’t know how severe of a problem it was and I didn’t know how to solve that problem. Now, I know that compromised security has the ability to affect an entire country. I also know that there are ways to improve security such as encrypting information, using passwords, and using biometric scanning.

During this class, I began to better understand the digital divide and equality of access. I realized that I need to be appreciative and take advantage of the fact that I have the ability to use technology every day. Some people in our world never even see a computer. However, I also learned that there are program working to decrease the digital divide. The One Laptop per Child program brings laptops to children that would otherwise not have access to the Internet.

Overall, I am very pleased that I took this class and I look forward to applying all of the information I learned to my life.

VoiceThread Presentation

During this class, we completed several projects and activities. In the following VoiceThread presentation, I go into depth about three projects. I will focus on what these projects were, what I learned from these projects, and the resources I used throughout the project.

This is the VoiceThread Presentation I created.

Below is an outline of my script for the presentation:

Project 1: Internal Assessment

What was it?

A project required by IB. For my project, I created a girl’s soccer page for the Capital High School website. I created several different pages on that page including a practice schedule, statistics, a roster, and a game schedule. I included photos, hyperlinks, tables, and paragraphs on my webpages.

What did you learn?

I previously knew coding, but I learned how to use that code to create a functional webpage and how to code some different elements such as photos and hyperlinks.  I also learned the importance of time management and knowing how long it will take to complete a task.

What resources did you use?

This project was complex, so I used several resources. The CHS website, codeacademy, and my GenTech teacher.

Project 2: Building a Computer

What was it?

In class, we dissected a computer. We removed and identified each of the components. After discussing the functionality, we then rebuilt the computer.

What did you learn?

I knew very little about the structure of computers before this project. I learned about all the individual pieces of a computer, where they are located, what they look like, and what their purpose is.

What resources did you use?

I used several online resources to figure out the purpose of certain parts of the computer. One was, which helps identify the functions of computer parts. Additionally, my teacher was very helpful in instructing us about how to reassemble the computer.

Project 3: App Challenge

What was it?

As a small group of five people, we worked as a team to build an idea for an app. There were several components to this process, but the final goal was to have an idea that we could submit into a competition. Our idea was an planner app that would help students better manage their time by creating reminders and designating a certain amount of time per activity by prioritizing.

What did you learn?

I learned a lot about the design process. I learned that an idea must be relateable to a majority of people for it to be interesting. Also, I learned the importance of scheduling for a group project. It was essential to make a schedule and communicate that schedule to the entire group so no one would be confused and we would efficiently complete all the tasks.

What resources did you use?
I used the App Challenge website for this project. We also used Google to determine of our app idea was original or not. Additionally, we used Google Docs to share our work.

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