Web Design Basics


For this project, I created a splash page about myself to learn about coding web pages. In order to do this, I had to make a plan for my project by using tools like Adobe Illustrator. Then, I used Dreamweaver to code my splash page.

Paper Mock Up

Illustrator Mock Up

Splash Page

Sample HTML and CSS Code

What I Learned

My first step in this project was to create a paper mock-up of what I wanted my splash page to look like. Next, I made a mock-up of my splash page in Adobe Illustrator. This allowed me to experiment and see what my splash page would look like. I ended up changing it’s appearance from my original paper mock-up because I didn’t like the way it looked in Illustrator. My final step was using Dreamweaver to code my splash page. By following these tutorials, I was able to successfully code my splash page.

Throughout the course of this project, I ran into a couple of problems. One was how to put my bar of links in the center of the page, not the left side. I solved this problem by going through Mr. Leduc’s sample code. I looked at what he did, then changed my code accordingly to do what I wanted it to do.

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